Ultrasonic welding and bonding machines

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BOSMANN ultra-nonwoven: As an outstanding Ultrasonic machines manufacturer in Asia KING ULTRASONIC COMPANY. we provided machines for total solutions of plastic welding, metal welding, synthetic fabric sewing and sealing, as well as all the way up to fully automatic manufacturing machines. With trademark “K-sonic”, we offer ultrasonic machines of different applications for customers in various fields such as semi-conductors, PV solar cell, car industry, electronic appliances, dresses & garments, lingerie and outdoor wear, nonwoven surgical applications etc… Furthermore, with the background of ultrasonic knowledge, from 1984 the company had developed a number of ultrasonic medical equipments and beauty products such as ultrasonic nebulizer and ultrasonic therapeutic massager, these products were all with CE approval, FDA listing, and had been widely sold to the world as well. the K-SONIC company had received ISO9001, ISO13485 and GMP, FDA registrations & over 26 Patents filed. BOSMANN offer you the best price with high quality ultrasonic welding machine, and ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic cutting knife and protable welder.

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