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Filter accessories and equipment : we offer high-strength synthetic non-woven layer, used for the production of filters cassette. By using micro-fibers (Spund bond, wigofil) arising in our filtration media have high mechanical strength and ensure continuous best quality air filtration. ULTRASONIC WELDING Combining plastics, non-woven polypropylene, polyester and other materials by ultrasonic welding technology for durability and tightness of the joint without the use of needles, thereby maintaining its inherent properties, for example, waterproof or dustproof. We offer you the opportunity to create individual patterns of welding tailored to the client's product with the option of cutting wound material at the stage of a single web ultrasonic methods or cold blade. Coil so cut rolls offer in widths from 50 to 1600mm and diameters up to 1000mm. We also offer a service production of nonwoven and other materials requiring welding, cutting or welding and cutting in industrial quantities required for maintaining the cleanliness of the premises of filtration products and the production process. This tender includes both ultrasonic quilting and production of filter sleeve to pocket filters in different classes of filtration materials for our own or provided by the client. FILTER SLEEVES High-strength synthetic three-layer non-woven fabric, used in the production of the filter cassette. By using micro-fibers (spunbond, wigofil) arising in our filtration media have high mechanical strength and ensure continuous best quality air purification. As the only through the use of ultrasonic technology for welding the various layers in the pockets of filter ensure the highest mechanical strength and durability of the best pocket filter for bag filters used in air conditioning. NONWOVENS SMS Produced in a specified basis weight, width of the roll formula ultrasonic quilting and prepared for individual customer requirements as to the size, diameter size of the bobbin SMS nonwoven fabric are used to produce, for example, disposable bags for vacuum cleaners. Nonwovens allow attachment of the plastic holders (for vacuum cleaner bags) by ultrasonic welding or other items according to product requirements. Bosmann Poland is a supplier of SMS materials as well as machinery for the production of low spending, high-circulation production lines, handles for bags. Frames for pocket filters, HEPA filters, filter sleeve in filtration classes G1 to F9.

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