ISM Servo motor for industrial sewing machine SV-81


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Servo Motor for  Industrial Sewing Machine ISM Model No.: SV-81

1. Simple upgrade form clutch motor.

 2. High efficency..

 3. Easy operation.

 4. Smaller size, and lighter weight.

 5. Motor overcurrent prottection and High/Low voltage isolation.

 6. 2 Digital Display provides flexible function control.

 7. Synchronizer can be used for needle positioning..


Energy-saving motor for industrial sewing machines . Smooth speed control with a foot pedal, energy saving up to 70% - the engine is running only during sewing, sewing comfort thanks to the low noise and vibration.

Industrial sewing machines: original JUKI MO-6900 Overlock sewing machine 


Input Voltage Range 1ψ: 220V ± 10%
Motor Output Power 350~650W
Motor Rated Speed 3500~7000 RPM
External LED Socket (DC12V) Y
Needle Up/Down Positioning Y
Max. Speed Adjustment Y
Soft Start Y
One Shot Position (Fast Positioning) Y
FET Over Current Protection Y
Input Port 4
Output Port 3
Standing Operation 3 Pedals (PK-71) Option

INSTALLATION: sales provide only to persons who have professional qualifications, powers, experience and education necessary for the installation of electrical equipment.



Servo Motor for  Industrial Sewing Machine ISM SV-81,

Energy-saving motor for industrial sewing machines. Smooth speed control, saving electricity up to 70%. ISM SEWING MACHINE MOTOR

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